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End of Year Reflections

No doubt, this holiday season has felt quite different from other years. Whatever you're celebrating (or not), I hope you are able to enjoy some peace and release some stress as we finish out 2020.

Reflecting on the past year can feel overwhelming and even defeating, but we can also choose to focus on the good things and the lessons learned and let go of comparison to what anyone else was doing. We can focus on our wins while still grieving and empathizing with loss. We can reflect upon and honor our emotions without giving them the power of holding us back or defining what our future looks like.

Many of us were forced to very quickly adapt our lives and jobs along with the sudden disruption to our daily routine. I was looking back at sunrise classes from the very beginning of the year and it seems those pre-lockdown times were ages ago. Although nothing can replace an in-person yoga practice, I was forced to shift a majority of my focus on building my online programs, something I was just starting to do in 2019. Since then, I've built 3 different online programs including 1-on-1 personal training and a self-paced course, and I published my first e-book!

Sure enough, this was the year I decided to get back into running but then my races were canceled. I lost motivation to stick to my original running plan, but consequently started learning to skateboard (my desire to find new ways to challenge myself is evergreen)!

Moving into 2021, I'm taking an indefinite break from Instagram and Facebook. Although there are many things I love about these apps, I feel they have become an unhealthy distraction/timesuck for me in regards to what I what to achieve with my business and my life. Instead, I will be focusing more on serving my community (you!) through my programs, mailing list, blog, and YouTube channel. I won't be checking my DMs on social media but I will still be checking email, website, and TrueCoach messages.

I'll be spending more of my time CREATING and less of my time mindlessly CONSUMING. I plan on repurposing my old posts into new content. I'll be spending more time reading and writing and less time scrolling. More being in the moment and less sharing of all the moments. I'll build a more clear social media strategy and come back with refreshed intention when I feel ready.

How about you? If you're also taking a social media detox, I'd love to hear about it. What are some of your wins or new skills you learned this year? Comment below!

Keep working on compassion for yourself and for others. I hope you were able to find some wins amidst the chaos.

Thanks for being here. Congrats on simply surviving 2020.

Stay healthy and safe and have the best New Year!





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