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intro to arm balances

Confidently and safely improve your arm balance practice.

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Are you:


Intrigued by arm balances, but not sure where to start? 

A yoga teacher who wants to incorporate more arm balances into your classes and are looking for tips, guidance, and step-by-step progressions to teach confidently?

Afraid of falling on your face in Crow Pose? 

Feeling stuck in your practice?

When I was a younger student, I remember being awestruck by arm balances, thinking,  "How is that even possible?" 

Bright-eyed bushy-haired,  I was inspired and motivated to learn, but I wasn't sure where to begin in breaking down the more advanced postures. I needed strength, direction, and patience. I actively sought out experienced teachers who could help me in developing my practice further.  I asked questions.


I fell on my face quite a few times, but I never stopped learning. 

I became a teacher in 2011 and have loved sharing my passion for yoga with people from around the world. I am always so excited when my students experience a breakthrough moment in their practice.

Now, with the experience and knowledge I have gathered over the past 10 years, I bring you an intensive course with follow-along instructional videos to share my favorite pro tips for advancing your practice.

This online intensive course is broken down into 10 Chapters with 40 Lessons that can be completed at your own pace. Revisit the lessons as often as you like. You have access to the course forever.

Upon completion of Intro to Arm Balances, you can expect to have a solid understanding of how to:

  • Warm-up and strengthen your wrists and shoulders

  • Strengthen your core and leverage the use of Bandhas

  • Warm up and strengthen your spine

  • Improve your alignment and control 

  • Improve your balance

  • Modify an use props and assists 

  • Work progressions for challenging postures

  • Transitions and linking together multiple postures

  • How to use props and assists

Course Outline:

Intro and Welcome

  1. Warm Up Your Wings

  2. Intro to Levers

  3. Find Your Bandhas - Energy Locks

  4. Lolasana, Tittibhasana, and Bhujapidasana - Pendant Pose, Firefly

  5. Eka Hasta Bhujasana, Astavakrasana - Elephant Trunk Pose, 8-Angle Pose

  6. Ganda Bherundasana, Mayurasana - Chinstand, Peacock Pose

  7. Parsva Bhuja Dandasana - Grasshopper Pose

  8. Tolasana and Utpluti Dandasana - Lifting Lotus, Lifting Staff

  9. Transitions: Linking Multiple Arm Balances 

  10. Baby Crow, Kukkutasana, and Lotus Peacock

BONUS Chapter. Inversions: Headstands, Forearm Stand

I am not the type to really stay dedicated to any workout regiments... so when I can honestly say that this program both kept my attention and made me excited about working out- it’s a small miracle for me.

I’ve been looking online for awhile for an instructor who teaches these arm balances... I hadn’t been able to find any that really break it down for me to learn from home. The videos were waiter far too advanced, or way too simple. Sarah’s program is the perfect balance between the two. I feel challenged, yet I am actually learning to do these poses and I feel so accomplished.

One of the other many reasons I truly enjoyed this program is because I loved the fact that I can go at my own pace , meaning I was able to rewind and pause as many times as necessary. I was also able to replay the video as many times as I liked - which meant I was able to really hone in on the moves I was trying to master.

Sarah is so personable and so down to earth, that I felt it was easy to go to her with any questions that I had. She responds quickly and is the greatest yoga instructor I’ve ever had the chance to work with.


Let's peek inside:

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intro to arm Balances

Course Screenshots

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