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Eka Pada Koundinyasana Sarah Bublavy performs an arm balance on a tree stump at kailua beach

Welcome to Island Flow Yoga

Island Flow Yoga is a unique yoga experience based in Kailua, HI. 

Sarah opened the practice with a mission to help people experience the power of practicing yoga in nature. Since 2017, we've have had the great honor to serve students from all over the world with our in-person and online classes and programs.


Current Offerings:


Sunrise Beach Yoga

Private Classes 


Personal Training

Virtual Courses,

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Sunrise Yoga Kailua Beach Hawaii Oahu



I have been practicing yoga for almost ten years. It has been an outlet not only during times of chaos and uncertainty but consequently through moments of celebration and achievements; it’s where I come to reconnect with myself. 

As a 200-hour yoga teacher through Hawaii Yoga Institute, I hope to help you create a space in which you can listen to your body.  A space where you allow your body to move at its rhythm and provide what it needs. I am inspired by movement therapy; I feel we often underestimate all the emotions our bodies store. For me, yoga is not only a place to flow but also connect with the feelings that brought me to the mat that day. 


Aside from yoga, I am a nurse. On the days that I don’t have a stethoscope around my neck, nor a yoga mat under my feet, you’ll most likely find me under the ocean sea. I like to spend my days doing the things that reconnect me with me; diving, hiking, and everything in between 


I've always had a love for sport and movement. Once I started learning how to share that passion with others, I craved more knowledge and will never stop learning as much as I can about exercise science. 

My classes are a fun balance of strength and mobility, with a focus on alignment and mind-body connection. I've studied and trained many different movement disciplines and I incorporate the best elements into my classes and programs. 

I received my Coaching Certificate and Minor from the University of Minnesota - School of Kinesiology in 2010.

I went on to receive my USA Track and Field Coach Level One (2011) and Two (2013) certifications, with specialization in jumps. 

I received my Yoga Sculpt Teacher Certification in 2011 and earned my 200HR Power Yoga Teacher Certification in 2015. I am now an ERYT200. I earned my CrossFit ® L1 Training Certification in 2013 and L2 in 2019. I also hold certificates in BarreAmped®, BUTI® Yoga L1 & L2, Real Ryder Cycling Instructor, and  Schwinn ® Fitness Cycling Instructor.

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