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Hello there, I'm Sarah!

Strength Coach + Yoga Teacher + Entrepreneur + Forever Student + Wife + Dog Mom + Introvert

I've always had a love for sport and movement. Once I started learning how to share that passion with others, I craved more knowledge and will never stop learning as much as I can about exercise science. I received my Coaching Certificate and Minor from the University of Minnesota - School of Kinesiology in 2010.

My first job out of college was coaching jumps for high school track and field girls and boys. I went on to receive my USA Track and Field Coach Level One (2011) and Two (2013) certifications, with specialization in jumps. 

I received my Yoga Sculpt Teacher Certification in 2011 and earned my 200HR Power Yoga Teacher Certification in 2015. I am now an ERYT200. I earned my CrossFit ® L1 Training Certification in 2013 and L2 in 2019.

I also hold certificates in BarreAmped®, BUTI® Yoga L1 & L2, Real Ryder Cycling Instructor, and  Schwinn ® Fitness Cycling Instructor.

I grew up in Wisconsin, and I first began my yoga journey during a high school gym class, where the teacher popped in a VHS tape of a yoga class. I remember loving it and definitely giggling during savasana. I participated in many different sports, but my favorites were Track and Field, Gymnastics, and Swimming. During my college years, studying Marketing and Coaching at University of Minnesota Twin Cities, I began regularly practicing yoga or attending other fitness classes in the early morning because I loved how much better I felt on the days I started first thing with a movement practice.

I began teaching yoga in 2011. During my time in Minnesota, I also taught Yoga Sculpt and Spin classes. I coached four years of Track and Field and taught Barre and BUTI Yoga classes. During the summers, I taught Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga classes on the lakes!

In 2013, I moved to San Francisco to work in the tech industry, but quickly realized that teaching was what I wanted to pursue as my career. I quit my job and went full-time fitness coach and yoga teacher. During my time in San Francisco, I taught Yoga, CrossFit, Spin, TRX, Barre, and Kettlebell classes. I led several Yoga Teacher Trainings.

In 2016, I moved to Oahu, Hawaii and started Island Flow Yoga in 2017. I was teaching Sunrise Beach Yoga classes until 2020 Covid restrictions put my in-person classes on pause. I now focus all my energy on my online personal training clients, my Intro to Arm Balances self-paced course, and my livestream Zoom Yoga classes. I published my first e-Book, Find Your Core this year! Grab your copy here.

When I am not teaching or practicing yoga, I'm enjoying quality time gardening with my husband or running / swimming with our dogs.


My favorite social media apps at the moment are Instagram and TikTok (@sarahyoyoga for both). 

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