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“Such a beautiful experience. Definitely the best way to start my morning off. Will do again.”


California, US

“This was such a beautiful experience and a great way to start the day… Highly recommend!”

Joanna Z.

San Francisco, CA

“was very nice! the flow was very good. i was running a bit behind and she brought the yoga mat for me for when I got there. beautiful sunrise in kailua”


Roseburg, OR

“Beautiful experience…great way to start a day in Hawaii!”


Corona, CA

“Incredible experience! This was the perfect way to stretch out before a long flight home, as well as relax, reflect, and recharge. I highly recommend this experience!”


Quincy, MA

Sarah’s class was spectacular. She had all of the equipment needed to enjoy her class on the beach, including blocks for any modifications. The sunrise was breathtaking and being able to experience it while stretching and welcoming the morning made it all the more special.

- Katie

Raleigh, August 2019

Sarah’s class was amazing! One of the best yoga classes I’ve been to, instructionally, and the sunrise was breathtaking! I would highly recommend this experience!

- Suzanne

Durham, August 2019


 - Minako

Nakano, July 2019

This is a must do for any Oahu trip! Practicing yoga with Sarah during the breathtaking Kailua sunrise is a refreshing start to the day. Sarah is an expert yoga instructor, who leads a perfect flow, even with varying level of our expertise. As a physical therapist myself, I’m particular about form and Sarah is outstanding at leading, observing and providing the right cues to everyone. For added fun, she even takes and shares some great yoga sunrise photos. I’ve taken this class several times, and it always amazing! I leave feeling stronger, more balanced and flexible and ready to take on the day.

- Cara

Columbia, July 2019

Great experience! Lovely teacher and wonderful setting. Excellent yoga. Would definitely do it again!

- Eva

Stuttgart, March 2019

Yoga at Kailua Beach was an amazing experience. It was a small group and Sarah was really nice and friendly. What a great way to start a day and seeing the sunrise. Also, Sarah took some action shots as we were doing poses and shared them afterwards. Thank you!


Los Angeles, March 2019

Perfect start in the day. We had a private lessons as there were no others on this windy morning. We are beginners but it worked out pretty good.

- Katie

Germany, March 2019

Perfect way to start your mornings if you are in Kailua , would definitely do this again. Sarah is a great teacher and an amazing photographer.

- Prithvi

Chicago, March 2019

This was a truly unique experience - not least because, it was so super windy when we went out, almost ridiculously so. But Sarah, who is clearly a pro, handles it like one. Really brought the yoga, and aloha, spirit. She’s charming, and we all giggled even while having the wind lap our faces and sand fly about Willy nilly. The sunrise aspect is beautiful, and Sarah took pictures of us in our asanas, which was a really special and lovely touch. I don’t often get up for yoga to meet the sunrise, and if this is the thing that gets you out of bed to do it, it’s already worth it. Mahalo, Sarah, you’re such a vibrant and lovely spirit.

- Prakriti

Philadelphia, March 2019

If you like yoga or have been interested in trying, this experience is 10x better than anything you could participate in in a studio. The beach and ocean and sunrise, it's incredible. Sarah is a passionate instructor and able to lead all levels. The sequence was perfectly constructed for early morning. Amazing.

- Lacey

Great experience! Sarah was a great yoga coach and the location/timing is just perfect ! Will come back for sure if I could.

- Maud

Sunrise Yoga with Sarah was fabulous, loved starting my day with a sunrise workout on the beach. The routine was just enough to get your blood going for the day. Highly, highly recommend a morning on the beach with Sarah! I'll definitely be back :)

- Kassi

Once in a lifetime experience so beautiful can be chilly out there so early in the morning but that's part of the whole experience and adventure bring light jacket or something and grab a bit to eat other than that enjoy yourself

- Lois

Sarah was an excellent instructor - she led us in a great routine that was doable for everyone yet challenging enough to feel good afterwards, and she was upbeat and kind the entire time. We had a great time! It was perfect for the day after traveling to stretch out our sore bodies. The sunrise was gorgeous and made for some really cool photos (Sarah took some great shots of us and shared at the end). Definitely loved this experience and would do it again every time we are here, no question. Thanks Sarah!

- Bekah

It was a great time yoga at the beach with sunrising. And Sarah made it more special.

- Sophie

This class is so awesome! Sarah is sweet and a sensational instructor. I loved the flow she took us through which was the perfect mix of relaxing, deep stretching and a bit of challenge :) The class was in a perfect spot to see the sunrise and had a short cloudburst towards the start. Such an incredible experience for our honeymoon and a great way to start the day! 10/10 would recommend

- Lizzy

Awesome. Stop looking and book Sarah. She knows her yoga and the experience is spectacular.

- Scott

Sarah was awesome! She was responsive to texts when I was unsure of the weather. She was a friendly and gentle teacher. Sarah even took a few action shots for us! It was a great experience!

- Brandy

I had an awesome Sunset Session and Sarah is a great Teacher!

- Ina

Sarah is great and lead a super fun practice. Definitely recommended!

- Kyle

My friend and I had a wonderful yoga experience with Sarah, it rained heavily throughout the whole practice and it was unique and fun. Watching the sunrise was a big big plus and I would highly recommend.

- Soyoung

Sarah is a great instructor and made for a very fun class at one of the best beaches on Oahu!


What a wonderful and unique way to start a day in paradise. Do this! You’ll leave feeling both invigorated and relaxed. Sara is a great teacher.

- Christine

Very nice yoga session with amazing views.

- Vladimir

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