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The Ocean Humbles

In a rather ambitious manner, I got myself out on the water 4x this week, and I’m still very much a beginner surfer. The first three sessions were pretty chill, I felt I was figuring it out. I was full of energy... stoked. Let’s go again.

Finally seeing some sunsets for once!

Sitting on surfboard watching Sunset over the koʻolau mountains

I was perhaps a little too confident going into a much windier and choppier surf on Friday. Alas, the ocean reminded me of her power and potential. My weak stomach had enough tumbling and pummeling and after about 45 min I accepted defeat and brought it in.

Although I am frustrated with myself that I’m not learning faster and am very humbled by my body’s mortality, I learn something every single time I’m on the water. I can also look back at the progress I have made from when I first started learning to surf. I can also choose to be patient with my body as I mindfully push my own limits.

How does this relate to the yoga practice? Improving focus, breath control, body awareness, coordination all take PRACTICE. I remember my very first yoga classes when some things clicked and others went right over my head. Some things—like big toe isolation—truly left me stumped and defeated! I still feel it. Less frequently as when I was a green beginner, but still enough to be continually challenged and committed to the PRACTICE itself and not on an expectation or outcome.

When I have a heavy activity week like this, it’s important to take enough time to back off, rest, fuel, reflect, recover. Yoga and lots of rest Saturday, then veryyyy easy restorative yoga today, Sunday. My lower back was feeling it today so I kept it very simple with some child’s pose variations, deep breaths, and intentional relaxation:



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