How to Progress Your Push-ups

Over here tryna help you clean up your wonky push-ups.

Practicing shitty push-ups will only get you better at doing more shitty push-ups.

Drop the ego, and scale back to one or a combination of several of the progression in this video until you can do multiple reps consistently with near perfect form. When form deteriorates—head drops, abs drop, elbows flare, neck juts, back sways, shoulders wing—rest for a bit, then go for another set, then another.

Get stronger in planks! If you currently cannot hold a strong and stable plank position, you will certainly have a hard time holding that line and supporting your spine when you add movement!

I could tell you a rep scheme to follow over a period of time to help you achieve 10 perfect push-ups in X amount of time, but to be honest, there’s no one secret magical formula that will have the same result for everyone--so if someone is claiming that, it’s BS.

That’s why when I work with my online clients, I‘ll start with my program skeleton and adjust accordingly as I see how their body adapts to the training. My clients might all be on an upper body push day, but one is doing push-ups while another is doing chest press and another is doing planks and yet another is doing handstand push-ups.

Send me or tag me on Instagram in a video of your push-ups and I’ll give you some pro tips on how to improve and progress!

This is the kind of support you can expect from me inside Find Your Flow: Yoga + Strength.