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I first visited Oahu in 2015. My 8 day trip was all it took for me to decide I was going to live here. I returned home to SF and asked my now-husband if he wanted to move to Hawai’i with me. He said sure.

Once we put it out into the universe, some crazy shit started going down and everything fell into place perfectly to land us on this beautiful island. ✨Manifestation! ✨Those months leading up to moving were some of the most intensely stressful and challenging times of my life. I felt fearful, lost, and anxious. It was a big change! I just kept asking myself “Why not?” and thinking about yoga on the beach. . Now hear you me, moving to paradise doesn’t solve all the problems. Life still kicks me in the face sometimes, but it has definitely given me a new perspective. I keep get a little bit stronger and a little big better at navigating through trying times and letting go.



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