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Awareness is the first step

For any change or growth to happen, you must first be fully aware of where you are currently. Be aware that every decision and action in your life thus far has brought you to this very moment of reading these words.

You must be aware of the decisions and actions that will be required to get you to the next step. Be aware that every action will have consequence.

You must understand your present skills and knowledge and what it will take to develop new ones.

Be aware of the things you can control while realizing many things will be outside of your control.

Keep in mind that change takes consistency and patience.

Now take a moment to practice awareness. Close your eyes and slow down your breath. Drop into full awareness of all the sounds around you, how your body feels today, and each thought that arises. Feel your heartbeat and the movement of your breath, the gentle rise and fall of your chest. Notice it all.

Awareness first.

Milkweed in front of Hematite Lake, blue skies with some clouds, and full green trees lining the shore
Milkweed at Hematite Lake



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