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While working on building strength is absolutely going to help you in your practice--and life in general--brute strength without the proper understanding and use of leverage will only get you so far in many of the arm balances! Think of Eka Pada Koundinyasana II (Hurdlers Pose) as a seesaw: find your fulcrum—balance or pivot point, and send the same amount of energy out of your levers (your legs and your torso) forward as you send backward. That's why it is helpful to point your toes and make your legs as active as possible... they actually start to feel lighter. 🤓Physics!

In yoga, there are five different ways that energy (Prana - life force energy) flows through the body. In this teeter totter pose, the flow or direction (Vayu - wind) of energy from the center of the body outward is called Vyana Vayu.

Sure enough, this pose is dedicated to the sage, Koundinya, who taught about the middle way between extremes where we can find balance and ease!

Anyone have one of those balancing eagles 🦅 on the little pyramid? That's what this pose always reminds me of.

Are you looking to deepen your arm balance practice and learn more about how you can find the ease and balance in these challenging postures? I've put together a self-paced online course with breakdowns, drills, and video instruction to help you! Each posture (over 16) is broken down into smaller, workable pieces. You even have access to full length yoga practice videos! Check out more information about the course here:

I'd love to see you inside!



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