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Yogini of the Month is...


Congratulations to Lindsey for being October's Yogini of the Month!

Lindsey has been practicing with Island Flow Yoga since we kicked off at the beginning of this year. She is a woman of many talents, impressively juggling more jobs than the average human, and she is still able to make yoga a priority in her life. She has a strong yoga practice, and it has been such an honor to teach her and watch her continue to grow. Looking forward to many more yoga and adventures with you, Lindsey!

Say Aloha to Lindsey, our October Yogini of the Month!

Name: Lindsey Lowe

Hometown: Minot, ND


Physical Education Teacher at Ka'ohao Elementary

Three words to describe you:

Patient (except with myself), curious, excited

Favorite class:

I like them all for different reasons, depending on my mood and what I need.

Favorite yoga posture:

Backbends and headstands

When did you first try yoga?

College, took a class for credit and then got into Bikram for several years before finding Vinyasa and Power classes

What do you remember about your first class?

My first Bikram class - I walked out after the first three postures very light headed and seeing stars. I didn't understand how to breathe in order to not pass out!

Did you grow up with any sports or movement practice?

Swimming and Soccer

Current hobbies:

Hiking, scuba-ing

Fave place on Oahu:

I don't know! So many great places, can't pick a favorite!

Fave treat:

So many! But probably anything with chocolate! What are you currently working on in your practice?

Chin stand and Forearm balance. But also would like my hamstrings and hips to open more! Secret talent:

I can move my nose like a bunny and my chin like a frog! How does Island Flow Yoga help you “Find Your Flow?”

When I can make it to class it helps me focus on myself instead of always tending to others. As a teacher and scuba instructor, I'm always putting others safety and well-being in front of mine so yoga helps me be me for an hour!

Thanks for being a valued member of our community here in Hawaii!

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