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Why Strength Training for Yogis?

So glad you asked!!

💪 Strength training builds bone density, crucial for all ages but especially to help prevent osteoporosis as we age!

🧘‍♀️Obviously Yoga is an incredible practice, but there is a lot of focus on flexibility and mobility. You will absolutely build strength from Yoga, especially in the early years of your practice, but eventually those strength gains will plateau with only body weight resistance. Yoga also tends to attract the hypermobile population whose joint stability can benefit greatly from moving weights.

🤸‍♀️ Advance your practice! When you add more strength training to your routine, you are going to experience some major breakthroughs in your yoga practice, especially arm balances and poses that require core strength!

🧠 Mental toughness and discipline — pushing yourself to new limits will build up your mental strength and confidence! Sometimes the greater resistance in resistance training is the mental struggle in just doing the work. Everything worth doing is challenging from the beginning. Believe in yourself and just begin. You will start to notice it carry over into other aspects of your life.

🫀🫁In addition to strengthening your muscles, you are also doing wonders for your heart and lung health, so grab those weights and let’s go!

👇Okay be honest… do you balance your Yoga practice with some strength training? Could you benefit from adding a couple days of strength into your week?



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