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Happy International Yoga Day!

Happy International Yoga Day!

Do you remember your first yoga class?

This year I want to share my gratitude for the privilege to get to be someone’s very first yoga teacher. Maybe that’s you!

I’m always so happy and proud to hear from brand new students that they will continue practicing after taking class with me! Also you?

Or course I love teaching whether I’m your first teacher or your 50th, but there is a special joy and responsibility with guiding someone through their first yoga experience.

I pride myself in making my classes as welcoming and inclusive as possible… to anyone who is willing to show up and try. One of the first things I noticed and loved about yoga was that there are infinite ways the physical practice can be modified to be accessible for anyone. Plus there are 7 more limbs of Yoga beyond the Asana/


I repeat: Anyone can do yoga. The more people I meet that show up as they are, ready to learn and ready to try, the more I realize how true this is! Even if you simply sit on your mat and focus on your breath, you’re doing it. 🧘

Today I am also grateful for the online platforms that enable me to continue to educate and stay in touch with students with whom I’ve only shared an hour of in-person time, no matter my current physical location.

Whether you take a class today or simply close your eyes for a moment of mindfulness, happy Yoga Day to you!

Thank you for being a part of my yoga journey. I am forever honored to be a part of yours. 🙏

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