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Happy Earth Day

Part of our yoga practice is realizing that we are connected to all things and beings in this universe and on our precious Earth, and that it is our duty to preserve and protect, to observe and respect.

You already know I love practicing outdoors.

It is a great way to observe nature and feel this connection as we slow down, breathe, and turn inward.

We feel the ground beneath our feet, the sand filled with millions of stories of creatures that came before us.

We feel the breeze and the warmth of the sun on our face or the cool of the rain on our skin.

We hear the rhythm of the ocean and the birds greeting us with their morning song.

Wherever you are today, in honor of Earth Day, I challenge you to simply stand barefoot (if you can.. I know Wisconsin just got snow!) outside in Tadasana Samasthiti, Mountain Pose / Equal Standing Pose.

Close your eyes and FEEL the energy of the Earth move through you.

Breathe it all in.

Observe your pulse in harmony with the life around you.

Connected beings just being.

Observe beauty on the Earth and know that it is a sacred reflection of your own inner beauty.



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