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Check IN, Not Out

In this morning's class, I talked about the idea that Yoga and Meditation is not about checking out, it's about checking IN. Not tuning out, but rather tuning IN.

It is about bringing full awareness into your body and your being and how it exists as a important and connected part of everything around you. We often begin class with our eyes closed, listening to the sounds of the ocean, the birds, the beach dogs, other humans, drones (lol), simply observing--without judgement or attachment--to what is happening in each present moment.

Close your eyes and tune in to how your body feels. Check in with every area of your body from your head to your toes. Check in with how YOU feel today! Breathe deeply and feel how your breath moves through you. Notice any areas of resistance or imbalance. Feel if you are sitting with a little more weight on one side of your pelvis, or maybe you find you stand with a little more weight in one foot. Continue to check in and make these types of minor adjustments to balance your body.

Once we add movement, the challenge is to make every movement as mindful as possible, with full and total awareness and control. Distractions and all kinds of thoughts will come and go. The mind will wander as this is the nature of the mind. But gently, lovingly, guide your focus back to the present. This is the practice.

The same concept can be applied to your life off the mat. Are you using your phone or social media or food or working out as a way to "tune out" or to not feel something? To numb or to distract? To take yourself out of the present moment...and why?

How can you make even the smallest, "mindless" moments of your day a little more mindful?



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