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Change is


the only constant in life.





necessary for growth.

sometimes within our control.

sometimes outside of our control.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't feeling nervous about major upcoming changes in my life, but I have survived others and always come out stronger. Fear of uncertainty can be one of change's biggest obstacles. As creatures of habit, we like to know what's around the corner, what to expect.

I don't even have to remind you how 2020 was filled with uncertainty and abrupt changes to our lives and our routines that were outside of our control. Our expectations of what the future will look like are quite unsettling for many.

How can you stay grounded during transitional phases? Truth is, no matter how immense the change you are facing, you can always find or create a constant. Some constants in my life are husband and my dogs. No matter where or what, I have them by my side, my besties.

Another constant has been my yoga practice. The scenery and communities have changed, my practice has changed, my teaching style has changed, but a consistent practice has always pulled through for me in tumultuous times.

I close my eyes, bring my attention to my breath, and slow down.

I find comfort in knowing I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

I accept that periods of transition are necessary for growth.

I find peace knowing I'm not "giving up" anything because it was never mine anyway. The practice of Aparigraha, non-attachment.

Imagine if nothing ever changed. It's impossible. Change is an inevitable and glorious part of this human experience that we can learn to embrace.

What does change mean for you right now?



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