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Becoming a Morning Person

It's been great seeing many new and familiar faces making it out for 5:30am class for my last month of teaching on Oahu! I know it's early and I know it can be really hard to not hit the snooze button sometimes. I promise this isn't a post to make you feel guilty for not making it to class.. it's okay, I very much appreciate the need to prioritize sleep!

It’s not easy or possible for everyone to wake up early but I CAN tell you that it does get easier with practice and consistent discipline... surprise. I’ve been both a night owl and an early bird during different chapters of my life, and I've found that an early to bed, early to rise schedule is most productive and sustainable for me. I love an early movement practice/workout, and I don't love feeling under-rested for it. At one point in my "invincible 20s" I was working a job until 2:00am and then getting up to teach a bootcamp at 6:00am. I made it happen and I still brought the energy but it wasn't a sustainable routine at all. Ah, the things I wish I could have told my younger self!

What you might consider early is relative to your life and your schedule demands, but any part can be managed and changed (if you want it!) with intention and discipline.

Here are some ideas and prompts for becoming a morning person. Try out whatever resonates with you and see what sticks!

1. Set your bedtime and develop a wind-down routine that begins at least 45 minutes to an hour before this time. Do you want to practice some calming yoga postures? Skincare routine? Read or write (books rather than screens)? Keep it simple, and remember consistency is gold.

2. Visualize your ideal morning. Decide what kind of routine you want and how much time it will require. Do you want to wake up with the sunrise? Do you want to wake up without an alarm? Are you currently feeling rushed and chaotic to scramble yourself together to make it to work or school on time? What would a 30 minute or an hour buffer look like in your morning? What would you do?

3. Organize as much as you can in the evening to prepare your things and your outfit next day so you can avoid the scramble. Want to wake up and hit the pavement for an early run? Lay out your clothes, shoes, water, and snacks, whatever you need! I find I have a hard time deciding on an outfit in the morning, so I save myself a lot of time if I pick it out the night before.

What are some things you can try this week?

What is your biggest obstacle or challenge?



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