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Yogini of the Month is...


Congratulations to Jaclyn for being our September Yogini of the Month! Jaclyn has been practicing with Island Flow Yoga since our very first class in January, and since then, she has attended over 100 classes! It has been such a joy to watch her practice evolve. Jaclyn is a pro photographer, and she is always capturing beautiful shots during our Sunrise Yoga and Sunrise Adventure classes. If you take class next to Jaclyn, you'll be sure to leave with a smile on your face, and likely some sweet pics for your Instagram.

Say Aloha to Jaclyn, our September Yogini of the Month!

Name: Jaclyn Pisano

Hometown: Smithtown, NY

Three words to describe you:

Energetic, Curious, Determined

Favorite class:

Sunrise Adventure Friday

Favorite yoga posture:


When did you first try yoga?

June 21, 2016

What do you remember about your first class?

At the end of class felt like my body was melting into the floor

Did you grow up with any sports or movement practice?

Lacrosse, field hockey, softball, dance

Current hobbies:

Scuba diving, hiking, SUP, yoga

Fave place on Oahu:

East Side

Fave treat:

Ice cream

What's a specific cue you've heard from a teacher that really clicked or made a difference for you? The word "can't" doesn't exist. Meditation is not all about clearing your head. It's allowing thoughts to enter and exit freely.

What are you currently working on in your practice?

Zombie headstand

In your life?

Positive vibes

Secret talent:

Can't reveal secrets ;)

How has Island Flow Yoga helped you "Find Your Flow?"

Sunrise classes at Island Flow Yoga were my favorite in the beginning. Over the past 8 months, I have found a new passion for the other classes as well: Beach Belles (the kettlebell class with yoga mat burrito dip in the ocean after), Sunrise Adventure Friday SUP, hike, swim, Friendship Friday Acroyoga classes... I love it all! The most relaxing class, Restore Flow, not only helps with stretching muscles but with total mind and body relaxation.

Sarah Yo has such positive energy and vibes with great music to keep me focused and energized. Classes are always challenging and fun, freeing my mind, body, and spirt all within an hour. Her classes are a great way to start or end the day.

An important word I focus on while practicing yoga is "can." While learning and observing new and challenging postures, my mind tends to immediately think, "I can't do that." But in fact, I can do anything I want to do with just some patience and practice.

I used to think I could never do a headstand. One day, it just clicked with Sarah told me: "Just do it. You can do it." Sure enough, she kept pushing me to practice, and it became easier in no time. I have tried to remember and apply that to both my yoga practice and life. I have met a lot of very wonderful people through Island Flow Yoga. There are always lots of laughs and happy memories.

Thanks Island Flow Yoga and Sarah Yo!

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