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find your endurance:
Running + Strength + Yoga

12 Week Half Marathon Training

Train along with me as I prepare for the Hapalua Half Marathon.

I'll be starting on January 12th, but you can begin the program anytime!


the beginner to intermediate runner

You have some running experience and maybe have run one or several half marathons.

You want to become a stronger, faster, and more efficient runner.

You're motivated, but you know a PLAN and a COACH would help you stay committed to your GOALS.


In this 12-Week Program, You Will:

Learn how adding strength and mobility into your training can make you a BETTER RUNNER and prevent overtraining injuries.

Receive weekly coaching on your progress and movement patterns.

Train along with me as I prepare for the Hapalua Half Marathon on April 5th.   ​

Improve running efficiency, strength, speed, and endurance.

downward facing dog

You will receive 5-6 workouts per week via TrueCoach app, including:

Progressive Endurance Training to build volume safely.

  • Easy Runs

  • Tempo Runs

  • Interval Training

  • Hills

  • Dynamic Running Drills​ to improve your running mechanics and efficiency



  • Running-specific mobility

  • Quick pre and post-run yoga flows

  • Breath work and Meditation

  • Restorative/Recovery practices​

Bodyweight Exercises​ and Resistance Exercises​ (Weight Training) to become a stronger runner.​

meet your coach

Sarah B., USATF L2   ERYT   CFL2

 the yogi, runner, athlete, and coach behind Find Your Endurance

Over the past 10 years, I have trained, studied and coached a wide variety of movement practices and sports disciplines.  I've run 2 marathons and 1 half marathon.


I have had the great opportunity to coach students of all different ages and levels, from the beginner to the high-level athlete.

I created Find Your Endurance to bring you more than just a running plan. I'm here to help you find balance in your race training.

Ready to run your best race by investing in your training? 

Payment Options:

Pay in full: $429

Pay 3 monthly installments of  $159

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