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Take your yoga practice to the next level with our signature online course, Intro to Arm Balances

Intro to Arm Balances coach Sarah Bublavy balances on a tree stump at the beach

Inside our self-paced online course, you'll have access to:​

  • 41 lessons to learn how to practice over 16 Arm Balances plus a BONUS chapter on Inversions

  • 15-60minute practice videos 

  • Written lessons on each posture and series

  • Progression drills to help you build strength

Aloha! Sunrise Yoga on the beach at Kailua. WOW!!! First time doing yoga so I was a little nervous, but Mapis was a delightful host, very patient and helpful. Despite my beginner status, as we parted ways I couldn’t help wanting to learn more, and to return. I definitely will, and you should too. Mahalo Mapis!

—  Forrest


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